Preclinical medical-device research covers a range of services to facilitate the route to market of a product through reliable methodology tailored to your specific requirements. Through a rigorous series of testing procedures, a contract-research organization can move a medical device from concept to prototype to preclinical efficacy.

Research Models
Expert consultancy is available to guide you with the most effective research model for your device. The quantifiable data uses reliable and valid research methodology along with analysis to provide you with effective consultancy to advance your product to market.

Preclinical Testing
A medical device requires protocol preparation. Preclinical testing provides a variety of studies to measure the effect of the product within the research models utilized. For example, how the device interacts with tissue is analyzed through biocompatibility research. Preclinical testing produces results in all aspects of design efficacy in order to develop protocols to assist with device feasibility.

Experimental Surgery
Any medical device requires research on the clinical efficacy of the product. Experimental surgery is a service that records data in a surgical setting within the preclinical research model. The data provided is reliable and valid to ensure protocol development.

By utilizing the services of a preclinical contract-research organization you can take advantage of benefits from dedicated research models, expert consultancy and reliable data to present the product for regulatory approval and ultimately to the clinical market.

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